#About Inevitable Biochem

About the company

From Nature, For Nature

Inevitable Biochem by Inevitable Products Private limited is the Indian global brand which supplies Natural mining products across the globe. The wide range of mining products such as Natural Zeolite, Bentonite, Gypsum, Bauxite and etc are extracted from some of the best mines in India. Our products are highly rated and widely used across organic and industrial usage. 

Inevitable Biochem persists with topmost quality of products, extraction facilities, supply channels and customized solutions to our customers across the globe.

To bring innovative sustainable solutions for nature from nature in various aspects of lives.
To create a meaningful impact in lives on mother earth by bringing nature from nature.
Trust & long term relationships with clients like a family' our this value brought us having 20+ clients across the globe.
# Who We Are


Shakti Tiwari


Shakti brings with him over 15+ years of experience in Embedded System Design and Corporate Business Dealing & Training. Always being a tech enthusiast personal, he had been involved in various research & development activities for many MNC’s and worked with them, such as Google, Qualcomm, Intel, Bosch, Texas Instruments, etc. 

He founded an Inevitable group with a vision to provide cost-effective Research & Development infra to manufacture highly efficient and low-cost robust Embedded devices, which could help make life easier day by day. He is a keen strategist with a flair for driving process innovations and organization development.

# Annual Goal

Our 2021 Milestone

To become a Design and Service Partner with 3 Semiconductor Companies